What is the purpose of “The Live Campaign”?

“The Live Campaign” is a three year spiritual journey to seek God’s heart in answer to this

question: How can we most effectively and efficiently mobilize all people to live as Jesus


A big part of this journey is a distinct stewardship emphasis, over and above our regular giving, to significantly lower our debt. By reducing our indebtedness as a church, we will free up more resources “For the Shoals,” “For the World,” and “For the Future.”

So, is this just a spiritual way of saying we need more money?

No. It’s an opportunity for all of us to evaluate our attitude toward generosity. We will be asking the Lord to align our attitudes about our “stuff” with His purposes for the world around us. As in many things, growing in the Lord is something we do intentionally. “The Live Campaign” will focus on God’s heart for a world that desperately needs a Savior, and on His intent to make us more like Jesus. It’s an invitation to see generosity the way Jesus sees it, not just financially, but with our time, with our skills, and with our lives.

What will our financial goal be?

We are praying that the financial emphasis portion of “The Live Campaign” will result in an additional $2 million in revenue over the next three years.

What happened to the “GO Celebration?” Won’t this affect our direct missions giving for 2019?

The GO Celebration will return next year. And yes, the direct missions giving that is highlighted at the GO Celebration could potentially be affected. To offset this, we are first asking that everyone who has already made a commitment to give to missions from last year’s conference would continue that commitment in 2019-20. Secondly, we will take 10% of the initial offering and earmark it specifically for local mission projects. We believe that these two steps will ensure more than adequate funding for mission projects for the coming year.

What are “Vision Gatherings?”

The Vision Gatherings are key portions to the success of the “Live Campaign.” At these meetings, we’ll share a meal, plus you’ll have the opportunity to participate more fully in the conversation of how to join in God’s activity at HP. We believe that every member and attender at Highland Park will benefit greatly by attending one of these five dinners. Dates and times for the Vision Gatherings are:

Sunday, February 24 // 6 pm

Thursday, February 28 // 6:30 pm

Sunday, March 3 // 6 pm

Tuesday, March 5 // 6:30 pm

Thursday, March 7 // 6:30 pm

You must reserve a spot by registering online at hpbaptist.com/events. Childcare is provided for children younger than 12.

What would be a “win” for “The Live Campaign”?

1. To invest in our future by significantly paying down debt.

2. To deepen our investment in local mission initiatives.

3. To strengthen our national and international mission relationships, both with human resources and financially.

How will I give toward my financial pledge?

Gifts can be given weekly, monthly, annually or through a one-time gift. You may give by using the offering envelopes or our online option with Pushpay (sign up for Pushpay by texting “hpbaptist” to 77977).

Campaign Dates:

2/24 - “The Live Campaign” Kickoff

3/10 - An evening worship gathering with special guest Johnny Hunt at 6 pm

3/13 - Prayer Gathering at 6:30 pm

3/17 - Commitment Sunday

4/7 - Celebration Sunday